Street Fighter Stockholm

It’s been almost three years in the making, but today it is finally completed. The live action animated video based on the Street Fighter II video game where Amanda and I fight each other in central Stockholm. In the original plan, I was to battle one of the guys from the game, which is the reason for me winning this round ;)

The background image is of Sergels torg in central Stockholm but the images of us were taken at the campus in Karlskrona last year. After screenshooting every movement that the original characters Ryu and Guile makes, we set out to copy those poses in photographic stills. All together there are 122 different poses.



This is not the first video that I’ve done based on the Street Fighter series. In 2012, I made a cartoon animated version where the presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney faced off, in the roles of Dhalsim and M. Bison.

I hope you enjoyed it, especially if you’re a video game nerd like me.

The 2015 Youtube game plan

As most of you know, I have retired the Last Week in Sweden weekly vlog series after 52 episodes. The reason for this is that I want to make better use of my time when it comes to creating Youtube videos. The Thursday 10 Swedish Words series will continue with monthly give-aways, as well as videos on the Princeword and SvenskaMartin channels. I also aim to finally get Jäkelskapelsen published, my Swedish sketch series.

TheSwedishLad channel will however have a new segment. On the first of each month, I will upload a special video, a video which I have worked a little bit harder on, a video that I want to feel proud of. The first of these videos will include over 100 people, the much anticipated result of a year-long journey, the Youtube World Project.

I hope that you, as 2015 has started to somewhat shape itself, will come along on this journey. I hope that I, through videos, tweets and updates will bring many smiles, thoughts and love to your life, and that you will bring the same back to me. Let’s feed each other, build each other and support each other. More love, more love, more love.

A week ago, I for reasons still unknown to me, learned that I will not continue at the radio after February. This was devastating, and made me feel that nothing I had done there had been good enough. Now, with a little perspective, the future is still uncertain, and scary, but the possibilities that are beginning to emerge, are endless. I will overcome this hurdle, and continue to climb every mountain.

Here’s to an awesome 2015.

2015 here I come

Youtube World Project update

It’s December 14th and there are only 17 days left of the Youtube World Project 2014. In this project, I attempt to gather one video from every country/region in the world. In each video, the person says “My name is name and I am from country” in the language he/she speaks, filmed in an outdoor environment.

As of right now, I have 85 videos completed and about 84 countries claimed/involved. All of these 84 aren’t secure. In some cases, I have emailed reminders several times without response. I have also contacted various Swedish embassies around the world and I’ve gotten some very good replies.

Then, there are some countries which have not been claimed at all, like Oman, Mali, D.R.C., Eritrea, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Jamaica, Haiti, Laos, Liberia, Cote I’voire, Nigeria and a few others.

My hopes are now that you take a look at the map. All countries in white are free to claim, and all countries in orange have not been completed yet. If you live in any of these countries, or if you know someone who do, then please email me at

Orange= claimed, red= completed. This map will be updated daily.                                                  Click to enlarge.

Orange= claimed, red= completed. This map will be updated daily.                                                  Click to enlarge.

After New years, I will put all the videos together into one long video, like this:

Thank you so much for being a part of the project.
/Martin in Sweden

Nobel Prize

In this 10 Swedish Words video I tell you a bunch of stuff about the Nobel Prize banquet in Stockholm next week. Thanks for watching.

Don’t forget to take part in the monthly give-away. During December it is a Swedish book about Nordic creatures. Details in the video.

Nordiska väsen = Nordic creatures.

Nordiska väsen = Nordic creatures.