Facial Expressions video

For this week’s video, I asked 10 of my Swedish youtube friends to join in. I gave them 10 different facial expressions to pick from and to then showcase that visually.

Guests: KatrinBerndtpapperzizeManfredHejaInternetAntonVictoriaBinaHoneyloffmasterpstaffanEbba.

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Story behind 10 Swedish Words

It began in the spring of 2012. I had read an article by Oliver Gee from TheLocal.se where he had listed 10 Swedish words that did not exist in the English language. I thought it’d make a fun video so I went ahead and upload the very first 10 Swedish Words video.

In this video, I tell the story of how the series started and what has happened since.

TheLocal.se wrote an article about me this week. Here it is. I’m looking forward to see how the series will evolve as we make our way towards video number 100.


How does one even begin to try to attempt to sum up that week in Copenhagen in text? Instead of going day by day, I’ll just dive into some of the highlights. Meeting Björn and Henrik and gang in the line on the first day (jury semi-final 1 on the monday) created a snowball effect for the next few days. We stood in the fan zone and enjoyed the performances. The next day I saw Björn again as we met up outside Sanna Nielsen’s (Swedish singer) hotel and then spent the next few hours together. This led to me being invited to go on a backstage tour by them both, and through that (snowball effect) we were all invited to sit in the green room during the second semifinal to fill the seats (26 couch groups but only 15 delegates that evening).

That experience was incredible as we got to be a part of the amazing noise and stomping when Conchita Wurst was being interviewed ahead of the results, as well as the outcry when she moved on to the final. As she passed me in the green room, we bowed to each other. Very cool moment.

Hearing Sanna Nielsen perform her song Undo with the audience singing along during the Tuesday semi-final was amazing and due to my Fan Accreditation I got to go to the press conference and then meet a lot of the artist in the back. My new friend Thao who was working as a volunteer there sure made that half hour a very fun experience.

Speaking of new friends, during the first semi-final I happened to find myself in the BeNeLux minus the lux crowd. Behind me were Dutch people and to my right were the Belgians. Little did I know that the Belgians would become a very prominent part of my continuing week. We met again the next evening and went to EuroClub for dancing and jumping, and they also got me into the fan zone during the final after I had somehow dropped my ticket after showing it at the first check. Many a pictures with the contestants, many a good talks about this and that and a friendship begun as we turn our eyes to the south, to Austria.

When we realized that Conchita had indeed won in the final, the arena erupted, completely erupted. That moment when she trembled up towards Emmelie de Forest to take the trophy, turning towards the center of the stage and then raising it to the sky as confetti flew, that was a moment to remember. I cried, the people around me cried and I think it to many degrees had to do with the stories the crowd brought with them. Just looking at them, you could easily depict that these were people that have lived in certain hesitation, maybe even oppression for years, just for wanting to be who they are, to love who they want and believe what they want. When someone like Conchita conquered the voting across Europe, I think a lot of walls broke down and there was hope: hope for tolerance in a part of the world where more and more laws against free expression are written. All of that.. erupted in this old shipyard in Copenhagen that Saturday less than two weeks ago. Absolutely incredible.

The Eurovision week may be over, but the memories, the images and the impressions only serve as building blocks for the 60th anniversary in Austria next year. Below is the video, the massive video I put together from the whole week. I hope it at least begins to showcase just what an amazing week that was for me.

Eurovision – 10 Swedish Words

So while I was at Eurovision I thought I’d ask people randomly for words and then translate them back to Swedish. I didn’t exactly know what I was getting myself into.

The give-away for the month of May are three children’s books about Norse Mythology. To enter, you need a Twitter account. Watch the video for more details. The results will be posted on my Facebook page.

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