I am going to New York

Last week I got the phone call, I won the travel reporter gig in NYC. I will travel to the West Village and stay at a mobile Scandic To Go hotel room during the North Food Festival.


During the week I will talk to people on the street, make short video clips where we talk about Scandinavia and have a really good time.

My application video can be seen here:

You can follow the journey through the hashtag #scandictogoNYC
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LET’S GO!!!!


In this video we go on a roadtrip to look for seals. We found so much more.

The first word is en utsiktsplats meaning a lookout, literally outlook place.

The next word is en säl which means a seal. Since it’s en in front, the definite form is sälen.

The third word is ett björnbär which means a blackberry. Björnbär is also the plural form and literally it means bear berry.

Next up is ett majsfält, a corn field, same word in plural.

The next word is en gurka which means a cucumber. The plural form is gurkor.

Then we have the word sparris meaning asparagus.

Next we have en get or technically en bock, goat and buck. The plural forms are getter (notice the extra t) and bockar.

The next one is en solnedgång meaning sunset (literally sun down go).

Then we have svanar which is the plural form of en svan meaning swan. 

En skugga meaning a shadow which is skuggor in plural.

The Swedish word to wade is att vada, walking in shallow water.

Harbor in Swedish is en hamn. In plural it’s hamnar.

The last word of the video is en kväll, meaning an evening. The definite form is kvällen.

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The Road I walk

This video has been in production since the winter of 2011. It started on the sand dunes of Nida, Lithuania, continued in Tallinn, Estonia and Helsinki Finland.

Other locations are Budapest Hungary, Zurich Switzerland, Los Angeles, New York, London, Rostock Germany, Gdynia Poland, Kaliningrad Russia, Mallorca, Copenhagen Denmark, Bergen Norway and several locations in Sweden.

The video include all seasons, through rain, water, sun, hail, snow, ice and wind.
The song has references to The Hobbit and Forrest Gump.

I hope you enjoyed it.


Back to school

In this week’s video I’m doing a back to school special.

The first word is skolan meaning the school which is the definite form of en skola.

The next word is en ryggsäck (literally back sack) which means a backback. Since it’s en  in front, then the definite form is ryggsäcken.

The third word is ett suddgummi which means an eraser. Gummi means rubber.

The next one is en pärm, meaning a folder. The plural form is pärmar.

Next up is en miniräknare, a calculator (literally mini counter).

The next word is böcker which means books in plural. The singular form is en bok.

Then we have the word en termin meaning a semester. The Swedish word semester however means vacation.

Next we have the plural noun läxor, home work. In Swedish, unlike in English, home work has a different singular form; en läxa.

The last one is att plugga is a more youthful version of to study. Att studera can also be used.

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Trivial Pursuit

In this week’s video I’m doing something very different. We’re gonna play Trivial Pursuit youtube style and answer questions about Sweden.

This blog post will list all the words included in the series.

The first word is en ö which means an island in Swedish. The definite form is ön and many of them are många öar.

The next word is en fru which means a wife. The definite form is frun.

The third word is väderkvarnar which is the plural form for windmills. In singular it is en väderkvarn, literally meaning weather mill.

The next one is de kommer, meaning they come or they are coming. The verb is to come att komma.

Next up is att klicka, to click (on a link).

The next word is den blå biten which means the blue piece. En bit = a piece and the plural is bitarna.

Then we have a verb in past tense, har vunnit meaning has won. The verb is att vinna, to win and the noun of that is en vinst, a win.

Next we have the noun ett krig, a war. The definite form is kriget and the plural form is krigen.

Svarade means answered. The basic form is att svara, to answer.

Populära låtar means popular songs. En låt = a song and the definite form is låten.

The next one is part of a poetic phrase. Låt inte sorgen glömma sitt ärende meaning do not let the sorrow forget its matter. (Literally: let not the sorrow forget its matter). The second line is Sorgen är den djupaste ära som glädjen kan få meaning The sorrow is the deepest honor that joy can have.

The next word is den gula biten which means the yellow piece. 

Försök igen means try again. The verb is att försöka, to try.

Next we have att förhandla to negotiate, which literally means to pre- take action. The second word in that video is nominerad, nominated. The active verb is att nominera, to nominate.

The next is a Swedish novel named Män som hatar kvinnor, men that hate women. Män is plural for en man and kvinnor is plural for en kvinna.

Brottaren means the wrestler and is the definite form of en brottare. The verb would be att brottas.

The sport high jump means höjdhopp in Swedish. Höjd is height and hopp is jump.

The next one is är rätt meaning is right.

The final words are det evigt gröna trädet which means the eternally green tree.

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Since the response to the video on Serbia was so amazing I decided that for this episode of 10 Swedish Words, I would tell you about Lithuania.

This video is sponsored by italki and if you want to know more about learning Swedish, check out my landing site here.

The first word is Litauen which is how we say Lithuania in Swedish. A person from Lithuania is en lett and many of them are många letter.

The next word is huvudstad which means capital (city). The definite form (which is used in the video) is huvudstaden.

The third word is nyårsafton which literally means New Year’s Eve.

The next Swedish word is a specific date. Fjärde februari 1991 (nittonhundra-nittioett) means fourth of February nineteen-hundred [and] ninety-one.

Next up is att erkänna, used here to recognize independence. The noun would be ett erkännande, a recognition. Erkänna kan also mean to confess to something.

The next word is gränsar which means borders, att gränsa = to border. The noun en gräns naturally means a border and gränser is the plural form of the noun.

Then we have a verb in past tense, har vunnit meaning has won. The verb is att vinna, to win and the noun of that is en vinst, a win.

Next we have the adverb världens bästa, the world’s best. The basic form is värld, in definite form världen and in plural världar. The adjective bäst gets an -a or an -e ending when it’s an adverb.

The Swedish translation of legendary player is legendarisk spelare. The definite form is spelaren and the plural is spelarna.

The final word is huvudsångare which means lead singer, or literally head singer. The definite form (used in the video) is huvudsångaren.

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Fluids from your body

In this episode of 10 Swedish Words, I talk about all the different kinds of fluids that can come out of the human body.

The first word is svettas which is the verb to sweat. The thing you sweat is svett, which is svetten in definite form and svettig or svettigt as an adjective. The noun decides which of the two it is. For example; en svettig man (a sweaty man) and ett svettigt lopp (a sweaty race). Since man has en before it ends with -ig, but race has ett which adds a t to -ig = –igt.

The next word is blöda which is the verb to bleed. The thing you bleed is blod, which is blodet in definite form and blodig or blodigt as an adjective.

The third word is snora which is the verb to snot, or have a runny nose. The thing in your nose is snor, which is snoret in definite form and snorig or snorigt as an adjective.

As part of having a cold you can begin to nysa, which means to sneeze. A sneeze is en nysning, nysningen in definite form. The adjective is to be nysig.

Next up is saliva which is saliv in Swedish. What you do with that is to spit, att spotta.

To pee in Swedish is to kissa or pissa. What you pee is then kiss or piss and the feeling that you need to go is kissnödig, in need to pee.

With a bad stomach, your poop can be runny and the act of doing number to is two bajsa [buys-ah] and what you poop is bajs, or skit. Much like kissnödig the need to poop is bajsnödig.

The next word is spy which is the verb to vomit. The thing you throw up is en spya or many spyor, which is spyan in definite form and spyfärdig (ready to vomit) as an adjective.

To gråta is Swedish for crying. A tear is tår (which is also plural for toes), tåren in definite form and tårar in plural. The adjective is ledsen, sad or gråtande (crying).

The final word is the Swedish word for breast-feeding which is to amma. The fluid is bröstmjölk (breast milk).

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