Stockholm will host Eurovision 2016

This morning, the CEO of SVT Hanna Stjärne announced that Stockholm will be the host city for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 after Måns Zelmerlöw won the final in Vienna with Heroes. In the ongoing series Road to Eurovision 2016, I react to this braking news.

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Inspirationen, mina vänner

Sen 2008 har jag kontinuerligt lagt upp videos på Youtube. Först på Princeword, sen på TheSwedishLad som först skulle vara min tramskanal, men som blev mina huvudkanal, båda på engelska och senare äntligen en kanal på svenska. Genom dessa år har det alltid funnits ett huvudfokus, som ständigt skiftats, mellan de olika kanalerna, mellan olika serier såsom Last week in Sweden, 10 Swedish Words, Feelings, Advent Project och så vidare. På senare tid har 10 Swedish Words tagit över helt på TheSwedishLad; på ett sätt som det inte var tänkt från början. Men responsen från hela världen på dessa “tramsvideos” med seriös underton, att på ett komiskt sätt få sprida kunskap om det svenska språket har varit ovärderlig och skapat många band av vänskap mellan mig och världen.

När jag började på Youtube fanns knappt någon som gjorde videos på svenska och eftersom jag lärt känna många i utlandet så föll det sig naturligt att göra videos på engelska. Men allteftersom jag lärt känna många av de inspirerande och framgångsrika människorna på den svenska Youtubescenen så har problematiken med samarbete ständigt hängt tungt. Hur samarbetar man över språken? Det har absolut gått och jag är stolt över det jag skapat ihop med andra. Men tänk om man skulle få fart på den svenska kanalen? Då skulle samarbetena falla sig naturligt. Så i samband med mitt senaste besök i Stockholm så sjönk inspirationen in och jag kände att det nu är dags.

Varje söndag ska jag lägga upp en svensk video. Det började med en video jag är otroligt stolt över. Den heter Det é okej och är en collab med 42 svenska youtubekanaler. Det är en uppföljning på en video som gjordes 2013. När jag tittar på videon då inser jag hur många fantastiska vänner jag lärt känna på denna plattform. När jag läser kommentarerna så inser jag hur betydelsefull denna video är för många. När jag inser att något jag har initierat och kämpat för att sammanställa gör så mycket med så många, då vet jag att det jag gör är bra, för det påverkar. Det påverkar.

Framöver väntar två collabs som filmades i Stockholm följt av en video från Karlskrona Pride. Det går bra nu. Jag har fått en otrolig kick för den svenska kanalen. Tack för att ni följer med och stöttar mig på min kreativa och sociala resa.

“Du är snart där… fortsätt”



In the 101st episode of 10 Swedish Words, I tell you ten ways to say yes in Swedish.

Here’s a breakdown of the words.
Ja means yes and is the most common affirmative response.

Jo also means yes but this word is to response to someone who claims something of the opposite. Example: You’re not going tonight, are you? Jo, I am.

Jupp and japp are fairly close and is most commonly used when someone is asking a lot of questions quickly or stating a list of things like this: Did you bring pen? Jupp. Books? Jupp. Eraser? Japp.

The long stretched A sound is a way to say yes, but still thinking about whether it’s really yes. It’s not an overly convincing way to say yes.

Att nicka means to nod, which is quite universal.

The famous “blow-in” is a common North Sweden way of saying yes. It can also be a yes when someone states the obvious. Think of two people standing on top of a mountain during sunrise. One says; it’s a beautiful view. The other respond with the blow-in to confirm. Oliver Gee, the journalist on who’s article I based the first 10 Swedish Words video made a viral video about this very Swedish phenomenon.

Absolut simply means absolutely. There’s an obvious vodka reference in the video.

Javisst is a very positive way of saying yes. It means yeah sure.

Jajamen is a longer version of ja and javisst and also puts emphasis on agreeing with the given statement. A longer version of this would be jajamensan.

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It’s okay video collab

In 2013 I made two videos called “It’s okay (Det é okej)”, one in Swedish and one in English (see below). The premise was that people would say a variation of things that are okay to be, or to feel. The response was incredible and the videos helped a lot of people. So now, I wanted to make a new Swedish version by asking my Youtube friends if they wanted to contribute. Several people that participated in the first video are back but there are also several Youtubers I didn’t know before such as Anty, Therese Lindgren, STHLM Panda, Katrin Berndt, stamsite, Felicia Bergström, papperzize, uddevallarobert, Ordinary Swedish Meal time, Vanja Wikström, skilltwins and more. 42 Youtube channels in total. Here’s the video, and it comes with subtitles in several languages.

Thank you for watching and spreading this video. I am really proud to be able to gather such an amazing group of people who on their own channels inspire thousands, even millions of people. It’s okay to spread love.

The 2013 Swedish version:

The 2013 English version:

The song in all three video is “All I want” by Jessica Berggren (jessacupoftea).

Kids stuff

In this week’s episode of 10 Swedish Words, I follow a suggestion from a viewer and do a video about kids stuff. The upgraded intro is made by musicviceboy.

The first word is barndom which means childhood. The article would be en as in Jag hade en fin barndom, I had a nice childhood.

The next word is en leksak which means a toy, or literally a play thing. The plural form is leksaker.

The third word is en docka which means a doll. The plural form is dockor.

Then we have the word for stuffed animal which is ett mjukisdjur. The word is a mix of mjuk meaning soft and djur meaning animal. The added is in the middle is baby lingo and the word does not change in plural.

Leka is simply the verb to play. Jag leker, I play or vi leker, we play etc.

Hoppa hopprep means to jump jump rope. Ex. Jag hoppar hopprep, I jump rope.

En gunga is a swing, and I managed to put them in the wrong order in the video. If you want to make it into a verb, you could say ni gungade, you went on the swing. The plural for gunga is gungor.

To build a fort, or a treehouse would be bygga en koja. It can be using blankets in the living room, or a wooden house in a tree.

Kurragömma is Swedish for hide and seek. The word is old and comes from the word kura, to huddle up, and gömma which means to hide if it’s a verb or a hiding place if it’s a noun.

The final word is the Swedish word(s) for the game tag. Depending on where you are in Sweden it has a different name. In the very south they say Pjätt and in Stockholm they say kull.

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Words from Skåne

In this week’s episode of 10 Swedish Words, I thought I’d share 10 dialect words from the region Skåne in the south, where I am from. Also, I have an upgraded intro made by musicviceboy. Very fancy indeed.

The first word is mög which means crap or shit. You don’t really say it in definite form but you can use it as an adjective. En mögig väg to describe a road or ett mögigt hus to describe a house. Notice that en väg gives mögig a g-ending and that ett hus gives it a gt-ending.

The next word is fubbick which means an idiot, someone who purposely behaves like an a-hole. The correct article is en fubbick.

The third word is the color orange which normally translates into orange [o-ranch] but in the south we say brandgul. Brand means a fire (like in a building) and gul means yellow.

Then we have the word for girlfriend which would be flickvän, but in Skåne you can hear the word en fjälla.

Aida is a slang saying for äta which means to eat.

En drummel is a doofus. A clumsy person or an inconsiderate one.

En flabb is a mouth, normally meaning en mun. The mouth would be flabben.

If someone is klyddig that means it’s a difficult och cumbersome person. Sluta klydda means stop being difficult, or stop messing up.

Rälig is also an adjective and it could mean nasty or over the top.

The final word is en tolle, a poop in the form of a sausage of pile. The normal Swedish word would be bajs [buys].

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Vote for me at Guldtuben

Today, the official nominees for the 2015 Swedish Youtube Awards Guldtuben were presented and the Youtube World Project has been nominated for collab of the year. I am overwhelmed by this, and also happy to see my good friend HejaInternet in the same category, as well as many other dear friends in the other categories. If you want to vote, just go to THIS LINK and sign in via facebook (super easy) and vote for one nominee in each category. I am in the top one.

And also, thank you to all the people who voted to get the video nominated. I am so honored, and I look forward to the awards show in Stockholm on May 2nd.
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Tack så mycket!