Kids stuff

In this week’s episode of 10 Swedish Words, I follow a suggestion from a viewer and do a video about kids stuff. The upgraded intro is made by musicviceboy.

The first word is barndom which means childhood. The article would be en as in Jag hade en fin barndom, I had a nice childhood.

The next word is en leksak which means a toy, or literally a play thing. The plural form is leksaker.

The third word is en docka which means a doll. The plural form is dockor.

Then we have the word for stuffed animal which is ett mjukisdjur. The word is a mix of mjuk meaning soft and djur meaning animal. The added is in the middle is baby lingo and the word does not change in plural.

Leka is simply the verb to play. Jag leker, I play or vi leker, we play etc.

Hoppa hopprep means to jump jump rope. Ex. Jag hoppar hopprep, I jump rope.

En gunga is a swing, and I managed to put them in the wrong order in the video. If you want to make it into a verb, you could say ni gungade, you went on the swing. The plural for gunga is gungor.

To build a fort, or a treehouse would be bygga en koja. It can be using blankets in the living room, or a wooden house in a tree.

Kurragömma is Swedish for hide and seek. The word is old and comes from the word kura, to huddle up, and gömma which means to hide if it’s a verb or a hiding place if it’s a noun.

The final word is the Swedish word(s) for the game tag. Depending on where you are in Sweden it has a different name. In the very south they say Pjätt and in Stockholm they say kull.

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Words from Skåne

In this week’s episode of 10 Swedish Words, I thought I’d share 10 dialect words from the region Skåne in the south, where I am from. Also, I have an upgraded intro made by musicviceboy. Very fancy indeed.

The first word is mög which means crap or shit. You don’t really say it in definite form but you can use it as an adjective. En mögig väg to describe a road or ett mögigt hus to describe a house. Notice that en väg gives mögig a g-ending and that ett hus gives it a gt-ending.

The next word is fubbick which means an idiot, someone who purposely behaves like an a-hole. The correct article is en fubbick.

The third word is the color orange which normally translates into orange [o-ranch] but in the south we say brandgul. Brand means a fire (like in a building) and gul means yellow.

Then we have the word for girlfriend which would be flickvän, but in Skåne you can hear the word en fjälla.

Aida is a slang saying for äta which means to eat.

En drummel is a doofus. A clumsy person or an inconsiderate one.

En flabb is a mouth, normally meaning en mun. The mouth would be flabben.

If someone is klyddig that means it’s a difficult och cumbersome person. Sluta klydda means stop being difficult, or stop messing up.

Rälig is also an adjective and it could mean nasty or over the top.

The final word is en tolle, a poop in the form of a sausage of pile. The normal Swedish word would be bajs [buys].

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Today, the official nominees for the 2015 Swedish Youtube Awards Guldtuben were presented and the Youtube World Project has been nominated for collab of the year. I am overwhelmed by this, and also happy to see my good friend HejaInternet in the same category, as well as many other dear friends in the other categories. If you want to vote, just go to THIS LINK and sign in via facebook (super easy) and vote for one nominee in each category. I am in the top one.

And also, thank you to all the people who voted to get the video nominated. I am so honored, and I look forward to the awards show in Stockholm on May 2nd.
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Your Favorite Words 4

In this video I asked my viewers to tell me their favorite English words for me to translate. This is the result with people from Russia, Poland, the UK, France and USA.

The words in the video:
Promise: ett löfte= a promise, if it’s a noun and jag lovar= I promise, if it’s a verb.

Flow: can mean flöde, or vara i zonen= be in the zone. I used toppform= top shape. You can also use vara taggad= which is to be mentally excited.

Shenanigans: rackartyg, meaning be up to no good.

Doolally: sinnessjuk, if someone is mentally crazy, or tokig, be nuts as an adjective.

Innocence: oskuldsfullhet. you can also use oskuld, but that refers more to being a virgin. You can also prove someone’s oskuld, innocence in a courtroom.

Precious: Dyrbar and värdefull as adjectives means valuable. it can also be a noun as in my precious, min kära, or en käraste, a dearest.

Awesome: can mean häftig, almost as in cool. It can aslo mean fantastisk, fantastic or storslagen which would be grand.

Insightful: simply means insiktsfull.

Freedom: means frihet.

Satisfaction: Tillfredsställelse is the noun, vara tillfredsställd is to be satisfied.

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Here are the other three Favorite words videos:

Street Fighter Stockholm

It’s been almost three years in the making, but today it is finally completed. The live action animated video based on the Street Fighter II video game where Amanda and I fight each other in central Stockholm. In the original plan, I was to battle one of the guys from the game, which is the reason for me winning this round ;)

The background image is of Sergels torg in central Stockholm but the images of us were taken at the campus in Karlskrona last year. After screenshooting every movement that the original characters Ryu and Guile makes, we set out to copy those poses in photographic stills. All together there are 122 different poses.



This is not the first video that I’ve done based on the Street Fighter series. In 2012, I made a cartoon animated version where the presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney faced off, in the roles of Dhalsim and M. Bison.

I hope you enjoyed it, especially if you’re a video game nerd like me.